What’s Your Focus?

My mom told me something she noticed once coming back to the states. She noticed that people over here worry about other people too much and that weight of worrying is draining. This reminded me of a conversation I had yesterday about when I focus on Me how it really keeps me free. Our journey and experiences through life aren’t going to be the same just for the mere fact that our perspectives are different. Someone may say or do things that resonates with me and then I want to share that feeling or experience with them, but ultimately my spiritual journey is tailored to me. The closest I can get to really understanding someone’s perspective is by them sharing their thoughts or time with me so it keeps me from taking sh!t personal, worrying about frivolous BS and regular mundane sh!t. I am the star of my own movie (not in a boastful way) but my journey is all about me and the friends and family that are in my life are there because I want to share my love and experiences with them. This keeps me free. I’m shifting my perspective.

What’s Your Focus?

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