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Entrepreneurs that are inspiring and making waves in the craft are great sources to pattern after. One of the ones we are constantly being motivated by is Tahirah Hinds. She definitely puts us on to knowledge that people charge for. We have much appreciation and respect.

The following is a repost from her about Viral Reels:

When making reels
The keys are plentiful and nobody has them all so here are a few that matter
1. Catch your audiences attention in the first 3 seconds. Wording or voice overs need to get to the point at the very opening on the video.
*3 ways to do_____
*Never do_____
*5 fall fashion don’ts
Whatever you want
2. Please lawddd lawddd have good lighting, decent scenery and a proper recording device. This can be your phone if your camera is good. Blurry videos will be passed up and if you can’t get them to watch at least 3-5 seconds it doesn’t even count as a view.
3. Clear content doesn’t need another explaination. What is the point of the video what problem are you solving? Make sure this is clear.
4. Smooth transitions, lawd the transitions are really what catch people. And I feel like everyone has the ability to master transitions with practice. Once you learn how to edit you’ll be fine. Invest in a remote timer. Nobody wants to see you reaching for the camera stop button in your video. Also use the timer option in the editing section of Instagram.
5. CTA’s are probably the number key to virility. You must have a strong call to action.
“Comment below/ follow us for more/ tell me your thoughts below/ tell me about a time/ hit our link in bio/) and etc.
Also not mentioned below is choose great audio, it’s easy to hop on a trending sound but also try to find sounds of your own and make it work for your brand.

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